About Twitter account

How to create a Twitter Anonymous account and what are there instructions to follow…

Personally dude, even if you wanted to get a Twitter account, and I mean REALLY wanted to, its a site that has nothing to offer.
I dont find getting a throw away number for twitter even worth anyone’s time. Just negativity and brain dead opinions.

I personally recommend a Twitter client if you ABSOLUTELY need it. This is how you can stay 100% anonymous if I’m not mistaken. But achieving true anonymity isn’t possible if your signing up to begin with.

Fritter (A free, open-source Twitter client.)

But if you need to reply to the worst of the worst in a internet battle to the death, then here.

Creating an account for Twitter with the most privacy.

  • Use a VPN for creation IP address logging from creation going forward.
  • Use an Allies tied to your email.
  • Strong password w/ password manager.
  • Throwaway or private number for the authentication.
  • Use Mull or Bromite for the web client instead of the official app w/ Ublock Origin if possible.

Again, really think if you need it. Its not worth it.
Especially after these articles, its the last think you need.

Twitter Whistleblower Complaint: The TL;DR Version

Twitter - 6,682,453 breached accounts

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is there anything like this for iOS?
I know about Nitter but its on web only.

This can also be used without a Twitter account :+1:

I know my man, guess I didn’t separate it properly.
But yea, usually a good way if no commenting is needed.
Otherwise, good luck on the other side😂

Step 1: use TOR
Step 2: Buy Monero (XMR) (buy it with cash if possible, otherwise buy bitcoin and swap it to monero)
Step 3: Buy a temp phone number for SMS verification (note; everything should be done through TOR)
Step 4: Make a twitter account (make a new tutanota account to use for twitter, tutanota works with TOR while protonmail also works but asks you for a phone number)
Step 5: Make the twitter account with a temp SMS verification service that you buy with XMR, right after activating your twitter account activate 2 factor authorization with a 2FA QR code app that you can download on f-droid.
Step 6: Now make sure that every time you use twitter you are routed through the TOR network

This is the only way of anonymous use of twitter.

How anonymous are trying to be and from who? Why do you want to use Twitter anonymously?

I know the answer boils down to “I don’t want people to know who I am,” but a more specific answer can tell you how far you have to reach your goal.

Case in point, I probably am only paying attention to not having the Twitter profile connect back to my personal identity, so for me as long as I have an unidentifiable username and watch what I share (not unlike with this forum), I’m good. There are other hygiene things I would keep in mind; I’m just using myself as an example.

You can use some websites to get temp phone numbers for free. Many numbers don’t work, but eventually you can find a working one. Then you don’t need to buy anything.

Not aware of anything. Apps like that are often not on iOS, might be against Apple’s TOS but i’m not sure.

You can add Nitter (or the official Twitter website) to your home screen (only possible from Safari), this way can block some trackers even from the official Twitter site and works just like the app!

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Yes I know about those, but those are usually already taken and it can take a damn long time before you find one. Also a lot of those numbers are already blacklisted. Instead for less than 0.30 dollar cents you can ‘rent’ a number for verification purposes, the numbers are not blacklisted and rarely reused.

A lot are blacklisted, although I found a working one eventually

@ricktwd this is the way to go

If you look hard enough yes you probably will find a working one, but dont forget: Those public available numbers are problematic, when those numbers are being used a lot or everyday other people try to use it then its possible twitter will blacklist the number (it happened to me before on another application, I guess twitter also could do this). The more safer and better way is to buy a private number (not available for the public with XMR), so no people could even try to use the number.

Good point, I hadn’t actually thought of that