About translating Techlore videos and copyright

Hello. I am considering translating and creating a subtitle for Go Incognito series, and would like to know if the series are free to reshare (on YT and other platforms)? The series are available as torrent but I don’t know if that makes it okay to redistribute or it’s just to store. Thank you

Licensing info for Go Incognito is here (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

In short, yes you can re-upload anywhere on the internet, as long as it’s unmodified and properly credited. Note that this is the free version and premium is not under the same licensing.

Regarding subs, it’s a very hard project. There are dozens of pages of script and we would need to timestamp each line. (Then do this for each language) We explored services & companies for this but it was way too expensive. As of right now, I wouldn’t stress about it until we find a clear direction to move forward with it.