Ability to rename other people's topics

Once you get to ‘Regular’ status, you unlock the ability to rename & recategorise any topic, which could present some obvious risks if a malicious user got those permissions.

I don’t think anyone other than admins/moderators should be able to do this and don’t see any reason why normal users would need to.

I also assume that if you get to even higher levels, you unlock even more permissions that normal users probably shouldn’t have.


I think the goal of that permission is to have regulars be able to help maintain clean topics that make sense when needed. The edits would be available to see just as they are when the poster makes them. However, they should be done minimally if at all. I’m also not opposed to removing that permission, not that it’s up to me, lol.

The idea is that regulars can help with the most basic moderation, which is why they can flag spam and help organize threads for better visibility.

This is how discuss works by default, normally someone how spend months on the forum and gets regular isn’t just going to get themselves banned.

No, you can’t unlock more permissions, anything beyond regular has to be given by an admin.