A Shady Chinese Firm’s Encryption Chips Got Inside NATO and NASA


Aren’t most consumer electronics manufactured in China by Chinese manufacturers though? I feel like this article is hinged on a dislike for China, there isn’t really any proof that the chips created by Hualan are backdoored.

The only source that they provide that this company is working with the Chinese military is a quote from a person from a Atlantic Council, a historically anti-communist Atlanticist think tank.

Disappointing from Wired.


My take away is this is another example of the US government making rules and not following them as intended. The hardware threat may be real, but hypocritically the hardware is purchased.
It was a couple months ago there was an article where a US subcontractor purchased illegal spyware, understandably for the US. This spyware was recently outlawed and cost a large noticeable amount. The country the developer was from was part of the problem.
When I hear about government purchased devices which require a ban on software for entertainment I just can not understand this. My previous employer made a report that showed the work network (desktop PC) were being used on social network sites and get this job search websites. They made a report… Why not go to the user of these computers and have a conversation about why they are on facebook 4 hours a day.
Why does a government issued phone have tiktok installed.
I have worked in many facilities where cameras were not allowed. They still have faded signs up, no cameras. Now everyone is walking around with phones in there pocket.