A privacy respecting replacement for google meet and chat

Me and my friend use Google meet and Google chat. My friend is not on any google platform. He uses proton mail on the other hand I have to use Google chat and meet for work and I also use it for personal stuff too.

Recently Google has introduced a time limit on meet so it’s really annoying for long conversations and project works. I was looking at different alternatives and came across element.io which has been good so far. The video call works great, screen sharing (which is most important) works 95% of the time without glitching out. We both have a 300Mbps+ internet connection. And I have a paid element one account so I guess I am getting better service. I am mentioning this because the free element.io account was slow in sending and receiving messages and the video call was always choppy.

That being said, I was just wondering is there any other platform that provides similar features. The ones I have tried is Jami which was buggy and I couldn’t get it to work with messages and screen sharing. I use signal but I am not sure if Signal has a screen-sharing feature. I am looking for a reliable platform to chat, video-call and screen share and I don’t mind paying for the service.

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If it’s not anything sensitive or improtant, I suggest Telegram. Do note that the protocol Telegram uses(MTProto 2.0) is pretty insecure.

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Jitsi is a free and open source video call alternative that’s pretty good even for large amounts of participants. It’s actually what Element used to use for this feature while they were working on their in-house implementation. It’s nice because it seems like you just set up a call and send the link the relevant parties and that’s that.

I use Jitsi on Element every week to talk to my local and international friends. It can glitch out from time to time, but overall, the service works great.

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Interesting, I have never used Jitsi, does it also have a chat feature? Apologies for the silly question…

I am not a big fan of Telegram, but I will keep this as a last resort I suppose. Thanks for the suggestion :blush:

Use jitsi, it’s great

If you use it on Element, you can chat in the rooms the call is taking place in, yes.
(It is a wee bit glitchy on mobile)

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Just wanted to chime in here that Signal does have screen sharing on desktop! It’s a pretty nice (though barebones) video conferencing option as well :slight_smile:

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Jitsi is a good option if you are open to self hosting. It only does video calls though. Although, I think one of the projects it depends on can be configured for messaging

Wanted to add that if by any chance you resort to using telegram, make sure to use secret chats as they are end-to-end encrypted unlike the default messages.

Jitsi is great in my experience however I haven’t used it with other people (I tried it on 2 of my own devices) because I mainly use Signal video calls.

Just wanted to say that you’ve been a great inspiration. And I am definitely going to give signal a try. I am paying $66/year for one.element.io so if signal has good video quality and screen-sharing quality I will definitely switch over.

I know this is a completely off topic but @Henry have you looked at revolt chat, they claim to be a privacy focussed discord alternative but I know there must be a lot of those. Just wanted to know if you’re planning to check it out or make a review on it.

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Just wanted to update on my experience with Signal. The video calling experience is okay, quality compared to element is not that noticeable. That being said, the screen-sharing feature on element.io in terms of quality and speed is way better than signal. Signal is workable but element is much better in terms of speed and text quality when screen sharing.

I will stick to element.io for now. Although I am being told jitsi is also a good option but it’s kinda sad that even when wiling to pay there are not a lot of privacy respecting video, chat and screen-sharing options out there :cry: … hopefully this changes in future or maybe I there are options that just don’t meet my needs I guess :sob: