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Well I took the plunge. I got rid of Windows today. I moved over to Pop!_OS. I know it is just Ubuntu with a coat of paint, but I wanted to use an Nvidia GPU and heard they work out of the box. Anyone have any advice on daily driving this?

I did use Linux back in the early 2000’s, will this be a lot different? I ran Debian back then.


My 1st question is what are you planing to do on your computer?

I know single player gamers run on Pop OS (and on Fedora/Nobara) run very well, but Multiplayer games sometimes work and sometimes don’t work.

I will also add I’m glad that you’re taking the jump. Into Linux.

I am just playing on basic everyday use. I no longer work so that is not an issue. I game a little (single player). I also have a large DVD and show collection I stream to my TV and phone. They use all in a NAS so it is easy.

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That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

one tip I would give to new Linux user is to understand how to install software like using flatpak, Snap, AppImage 3 universal package manager’s for Linux. Also learn how to use distro own package manager, in this case apt (Advanced Package Tool) and .deb.

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Just “sudo apt update && apt upgrade” and you will be fine. I’m running pop Os on my laptop and had to upgrade 3 times to the newer version with no problems.
Learning the shortcuts for pop_Os will make you workflow easier.
Like Purple-jump-privacy said have a look at the package managers. if you install with flatpak you have to update in flatpack also.
I am a happy pop user hope you like it to.


How do I make it so my computer recognizes my second heard drive? I can manually mount it and use it. Programs can not see it though. Any clues?

Does this help you out?

The guide it for disks that are formated so backup the files that are on there before running this guide


I had a problem like this once and I think it was to do with the permissions of a parent directory on the mounted drive.

Forget about installing and updating with the Pop!_Shop. It’s incredibly, uselessly slow. Use the terminal.

I had to get used to the fact the desktop is just a background. There are finicky ways to create desktop shortcuts but they are more frustrating than just getting used to not having them there.

I had some issues with icons not showing up on the tool bar below and had to install something called AppImageLauncher, to make, for example, Standard Notes appear and stay there.

Also, be careful with some of the home-made applications on that store. I was using Standard Notes from the Pop!_Shop and it wasn’t updating.

AppImages downloaded from a company’s page seem to be totally self-contained and you can make them executable in properties. I store those (like for Tutanota mail) in my home folder.

What Stereotype said - keep track of what you installed a package with, because you can only update with that manager.

Other than some of these minor issues, I have really enjoyed Pop!_OS, and it has been my main system for a while now.


Thanks! So I should install thing with the command line, good tip. Pop! shop did seem too convenient.

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I always use apt first
when I can’t find it look in apt. I go to the vendor site and look if I can add the software to the source list.
When I still can’t find the software I go to the pop store.

Found this nice link:

The documentation is realy nicely managed😉

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I don’t do gaming so people doing that might find that distro useful. I personally has a bad experience with it, as it didn’t do well in terms of energy and ran into unexpected crashes while working. It did to the point where it became frustrating to work with and also the packages may not be updated well enough/patched versions which deviate hugely from mainstream.

Well I am weakl, I wound up going back to Windows. I just do not have the patience to get everything working correctly. I may dual boot my system. I just get frustrated not knowing how to make things work.

This is a truth.

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Got good news for my Kitchen PC. Linux Mint with secure boot global dark theme. I mention this because my family uses the Kitchen PC as if is a Windows PC been running Linux Mint for 4 years.

"LMDE 6 is almost ready to enter QA. It looks stable, it has all the changes featured in Mint 21.2 and it uses a Debian 12 base and a 6.1 kernel. "


As someone who also daily drove Pop!_OS, my biggest recommendations would be to enjoy yourself. Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux. Just make sure you have timeshift for system backups is my only advice.

Thank you very much. I will run it in an older PC to get a better understanding of it. I do have to give it credit, it was very stable. I got 0 unintentional reboots.

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