A Linux and Multiple VM Configuration

I am looking to buy a Framework laptop soon. It will have an i7-1280P with AX210 vPro WiFi, at least 2TB of NVMe storage, and 64GB RAM. I am primarily interested in Fedora Silverblue as I plan to have my host Linux OS to only be a host. The host will never be used for anything else.

I plan to have one Windows 11 VM for all my Microsoft Azure + Data Science work, one Fedora instance for banking, and one Fedora instance for general web browsing.

Because of the Windows 11 VM, I require the VM option on Silverblue that will provide the best performance, as in I won’t suffer performance bottlenecks and the UI is excellent.

What are my VM choices? I was thinking about GNOME Boxes, as it was recently updated on September 16, 2022. However, I would like to know about performance.