A few dillemas about separating work on personal accounts on a computer

I’ve got a computer (mac) that I’ve been using for both personal and work stuff. The company I work for isn’t too intrusive software-wise (the worst I use is probably GSuite). But I finally want to separate my work and personal stuff using 2 user accounts to improve my privacy and work–life balance.

But I have some dillemas:

  1. Should I use 2 separate password managers? I’m thinking it might be useful in case some work-related software goes rogue and logs my keys. But I’m not sure how realistic that is.
  2. Should I use the same privacy enhancing software (VPN, Little Snitch) on the work account?
  3. Should I be logging in any personal accounts on my work account, like my music streaming service?

If you want to share any other tips about this matter, you’re more than welcome!

A lot of this depends on your workplace. Many workplaces would ask you to connect to their system, via VPN. This would conflict with IVPN. Same kind of thing for a firewall and LittleSnitch (great tool). In all work cases, use their tools.

If you’re able, and your IT department is lenient, go ahead and use them. Though, all your work quaries are going through that VPN. Depending on your work that may, or may not be a good idea. Using LittleSnitch is a no-brainer, though. Just make sure you give access to your work software.

As for a password manager. I personally would use different vaults for work and personal use. Doubly so if your work vault can be accessed by your employer. Separating the two would also help compartmentalise you mentally, too.

Unless you’re using your VPN, I wouldn’t use personal services (eg: Music). I’d imagine you don’t want them to have acces to your IP, hence why you’re using a VPN. Might be a good idea to check if your VPN allows Split Tunneling.

Yeah, my IT department is… non-existent. To the point where sometimes I have to point out certain good security practices we should follow. So, yeah, I don’t have to use a work VPN.

In that case, would you say it’d be okay to, on my work account:

  • Connect to my personal VPN,
  • Use Google, Slack, and other work software,
  • And use some personal accounts like for music streaming?

And about the password manager — I agree.

Then yes, go for it. So long as you’re taking precautions, (eg: uBlock Origin, deleting cookies, etc), you should be fine with all that.

Great, thanks @Blurb5778!

UPDATE: For those whose interested, I think I’m gonna go with an alternative solution — and that is, use Firefox + macOS apps for personal stuff and use all my work-related software in Brave (it’s all Electron apps lol). I realize it’s not the best solution, but enough for my threat model + it’s a better setup then what I have today.