5 Reasons to DITCH TWITTER For Mastodon!

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It’s great that people are now going to use mastodon beacuse Twitter is now a meme of it’s former self


Seeing so many people on mastodon made me happy.


Great video :+1:

But I think that the first question should be (and you kind a mentioned that) - Do I need a replacement at all?. Maybe this is a great opportunity to leave (or limit) social media in general.

Back in a days I was desperately trying to find an alternative to Instagram and Twitter for quite a long time with no luck. Then I finally deleted the data/accounts/apps with the thought that I’ll find something eventually and there is no reason keep feeding them with my data. To my surprise I didn’t even look for something. I discovered that I don’t need it at all.

It’s just a thought :wink:


Mastodon has been a nice experience so far. If you’re not into social media for whatever reason, there are still the reasons to not be interested in it that’s inherent to social media, but this is just so much cleaner. No trackers. No ads. Open source platform. No algorithm. If you’re going to have a Twitter, I think this is a platform that is just way healthier for people from a psychological and privacy perspective.


ngl after the showing with v4 and the flood of twitter users i think maso has taken more of a nose dive. Also imo the new interface sucks

I chose to join Mastodon two weeks ago after deciding to leave Facebook for a variety of reasons. BUT I’m not a Twitter user.

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Don’t want to be pedant… but it’s the Fediverse, not Mastodon. :smiling_face_with_tear:

But yeah, happy to see Twatter going down in flames. The site sucked, for a wide variety of reasons, before Musk acquisition. But he’s somehow managing to make it worse…
He has shown he’s true colors.