3rd Party Login with…

So, I’ve recently been asked to use a service (for work), with no email signup/login. The service wants to use a 3rd party option, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple.

Which one is better for privacy/security? Which one would you use? Are they all terrible?

Personally I would go with Apple*. Out of all of these, Apple does the best job at privacy (IMHO)

If you want more security with your account then Google is arguably better as they offer more options for 2FA, Advanced Account Protection Program, etc… Although, they are not the best with your privacy.

I would avoid using Facebook as they are not exactly known for either security or privacy.

In summary it really is your choice with what you want to use, this is just what I personally think :grinning:

*If you want to compartmentalise you could create a fresh Apple ID that you only use for that account.

Yeah, that was pretty much my thought process. Just figured I’d write a post here, just incase I was missing something. Signing in with these services is not something I’ve looked too much into.

What apple does different? I thought every service work the same way.

I think the idea is that Apple isn’t going to add their knowledge of this service you’re using to their profile on you. Obviously whichever company you use to authenticate is going to have a log of this, and I think any of them could use it for their advertising. It’s just that Apple’s is maybe more limited how they can advertise to you?

I think using Apple or Google is probably fine. I would avoid Facebook and Twitter just because you probably don’t need those accounts anyway. Google is more likely to remain useful to you and stick around your life than Facebook or Twitter, so I wouldn’t encourage using them more if you can help it.

I would consider do you use any other google or apple services at work? I would lean toward compartmentalization, no point creating a work Apple ID when you have a work Google account. Is the privacy concern is your PII gets associated to where you work through these accounts? Can you create a new account frequently enough to break any fingerprinting or useful profiles.

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Preferably none as it it a less private & secure sign-in method.

If you must use one, I believe Facebook & Twitter are the least secure, so I would go with either Apple or Google; you may also want a new Apple/Google account just for this website.

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So, I was tempted to go Google, for better MFA support. Though, in the end, I went Apple. This article ended up convincing me, along with their… somewhat better (even if just a little) privacy reputation. At work, I use both a Apple devices, and a linux laptop. I have an active (work) Apple account, not a (work) Google one.