23andMe Suffers Security Breach! - SR152

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My Mom was asking me to do some genealogy on her side of the family. The record keeping from 300 years ago should scare anyone who considers data collection.
In the last 150 years Americans were tracked every 10 years by the census, now every 10 feet, every 10 seconds.

Oh nooooo really?! I could have NEVER seen this coming ever!

It is important to point out that, as discussed in the SR episode, the breach was on the user side not the 23andME back end. Weak/re-used passwords led to accounts being breached. Once in, they scraped the data for anyone who was ‘publicly’ (within 23andMe) sharing certain traits looking for family matches. That is why the breach was limited to a specific ethnic group as only those with similar ancestor profiles would have shown up in the sharing function.

23andMe is bad for the reasons…not the least would be that all their DNA information is available to law enforcement. If you are a customer they don’t need a warrant to get your DNA physically from you, they can just get your data from 23andMe. For finding real criminals maybe you are fine with this, but like facial recognition, there can be plenty of false positives in consumer level DNA tech.